IRP confirms no evidence of cover-up or institutional corruption by tennis authorities 

Unified agreement in principle with recommendations for consultation

Immediate priority work under way to review and respond to IRP

The governing bodies of professional tennis (ATP, WTA, ITF and Grand Slam Board) announced today their agreement with the findings of the Independent Review Panel’s (IRP) Interim Report.

The IRP was set up by the governing bodies to investigate thoroughly allegations of corruption in the sport. We are pleased with the Panel’s findings that they have seen no evidence of any institutional corruption or cover-up by the tennis authorities or the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU).

We are also pleased that the IRP has recognised the positive actions taken by the sport to address the integrity issues it faces: “The International Governing Bodies are to be commended for the introduction of rules specifically aimed at dealing with the integrity problems faced by tennis.” 1

However, we also recognise that there are vulnerabilities, particularly at the lower levels of tennis. We are committed to seizing the opportunity to address these concerns through firm and decisive action. We support the IRP’s identification that the betting industry’s role is critical to ensure that betting operators play their part.

Following an initial review of the Interim Report we confirm our agreement in principle with the package of measures and recommendations proposed by the IRP. These include the removal of opportunities and incentives for breaches in integrity, the establishment of a restructured, more independent TIU, enhanced education, expanded rules, and greater co-operation and collaboration with the betting industry and broader sports community.

Each of these areas now needs detailed exploration and analysis. Our immediate priority is to provide the input requested by the IRP by carefully reviewing, considering and responding to the 12 recommendations put forward for consultation, ahead of publication of the Final Report.

At the same time we will continue to implement existing initiatives to enhance and expand tennis’s governance of the sport in relation to betting-related integrity.

In commissioning the IRP to provide an independent review of betting-related integrity in the sport, we committed to making appropriate resources available to carry out that work. We are confident that this investment in time and financial resources will substantially improve the ability of the sport to meet the challenges it currently faces.

The governing bodies thank the IRP for their hard and important work.

1 (IRP Record of Evidence and Analysis, P42 D (1) 229).

Statement issued on behalf of:

  • Steve Simon, Chief Executive Officer of the WTA and Chairman of the Tennis Integrity Board
  • Chris Kermode, Executive Chairman and President of the ATP
  • David Haggerty, President of the ITF
  • Jayne Hrdlicka, Chairman, Australian Open
  • Bernard Giudicelli, Chairman, Roland Garros
  • Philip Brook, Chairman, Wimbledon
  • Katrina Adams, Chairman, US Open


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  • Simon Higson, ATP:
  • Nick Imison, ITF:
  • Darren Pearce, TA:
  • Nicolas Beaudelin, FFT:
  • Alexandra Willis, AELTC:
  • Chris Widmaier, USTA:

The Report can be downloaded in full using the link at the top of this page. The individual chapters can be downloaded using the links below.

Interim Report

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Tennis

Chapter 3: Betting on Tennis

Chapter 4: Integrity Issues in Tennis

Chapter 5: Protection of Integrity by Punishment of Breaches

Chapter 6: Protection of Integrity by Prevention of Breaches

Chapter 7: Approach of International Governing Bodies to the Protection of Integrity between 2003 - 2008

Chapter 8: Sopot Investigation, the Environmental Review and the Decision to Introduce a New System

Chapter 9: Handover of responsibility from the International Governing Bodies to the TIU

Chapter 10: The System in place for the Protection of Integrity in Tennis and the TIU's operation of the Tennis Integrity Environment (2009 - 2016)

Chapter 11: Media Coverage in 2016

Chapter 12: Developments Following the Announcement of the Independent Review in 2016

Chapter 13 (Part 1): The Nature and extent of the problem now faced by Tennis - Part 1

Chapter 13 (Part 2): The Nature and extent of the problem now faced by Tennis - Part 2

Chapter 14: Recommendations


Published 25 April 2018 13:00

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