The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) today confirms that two Bolivian tennis chair umpires, Percy Flores and Heriberto Morales Churata, have been provisionally suspended from the sport, pending the full consideration of Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme (TACP) charges.

The suspensions came into force on 8 December 2022 and both officials are prohibited from officiating at or attending any sanctioned tennis events organised by the governing bodies of the sport.

The provisional suspension was issued under section F.3 of the TACP 2022:

“The ITIA may at any time impose a Provisional Suspension on a Covered Person, including (i) before a Notice of Major Offense has been issued, (ii) before a Hearing or (iii) at any time after a Hearing but prior to the AHO’s issuance of a written Decision.”

The ITIA is an independent body established by the International Governing Bodies of Tennis to promote, encourage, enhance and safeguard the integrity of professional tennis worldwide.


Published 04 January 2023 16:30

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