The TADP Whereabouts Programme allows the ITIA to operate an effective no-advance notice out-of-competition testing programme.

Complying with whereabouts requirements is crucial. Three non‑compliances—filing failures or missed tests—within a 12-month period may constitute an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV).

The World Anti-Doping Code requires the sport to establish an International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) of players. “Whereabouts” is the term given to the information that those players must provide for every day of the year as part of the IRTP.

Selection of the 2024 ITIA International Registered Testing Pool

The criteria for selection of players for inclusion in the International Registered Testing Pool (IRTP) is based on the year-end rankings. Those selected for the 2024 IRTP includes (but is not limited to) the top 100 men and women by singles rankings, top 10 players by doubles rankings and top 10 men, women and quad wheelchair players. A list of these players can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

This does not mean that players who have not been selected for the IRTP are not subject to Out-of-Competition testing; every player is subject to Out-of-Competition testing at all times. However, only people in the IRTP have to provide whereabouts information for every day of the year.

Any retired player who intends to return to professional competition, must give notice to the ITIA and, if requested, provide a minimum of 3 months 'whereabouts' information prior to their return. Players who retired as of 2015 must provide a minimum of 6 months 'whereabouts' information if requested.

Players who have been informed that they are a member of the 2024 IRTP must provide the information described in the relevant documents below.


WADA's on-line whereabouts management system - ADAMS - is used for entering whereabouts information. This allows a player to enter his/her whereabouts information directly and accurately in an easy, secure and convenient manner.

ADAMS Detail & Login

Whereabouts Videos

Take a look at our educational videos on Whereabouts, highlighting important information on filing Whereabouts as a player.

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