With the new season commencing, the ITIA has published the updated rules for 2024, which have been approved by our Rules Committee and Board – both comprising representatives from the ITIA’s tennis members and independent non-executive directors.

Players and their support teams, alongside officials and tournament staff, have received detailed communications on all rule changes ahead of their effective date of 1 January 2024, including a summary of the relevant changes from 2023. The rule changes are minor, with the primary consideration relating to the addition of pain-killing drug tramadol to WADA’s 2024 Prohibited List.

The 2024 Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP) and 2024 Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (TADP) are now both available to read and download on our website and app. A summary of the changes to both these documents can be found by clicking here.

A key component of the TADP is WADA’s Prohibited List, which is updated every year and applies to all code-compliant sports. 2024 sees the inclusion of tramadol in the list of substances banned in competition, and a full list of the changes can be found here.

The ITIA is fully committed to ensuring that all relevant personnel – including players, officials, support staff and medical practitioners – have a strong understanding of the changes ahead of the season’s commencement, and work has been ongoing for a number of months to support players with their transition into 2024.

Alongside the summary of changes above, we update our resources, briefings and education sessions to ensure everyone covered by our rules can access the right information and understands their responsibilities.

As part of this process, each year we produce one-page, easily accessible summaries of the rules for both of tennis’ integrity programmes, namely the TACP Explained and TADP Explained.

Members of the tennis family seeking further understanding of any of the rule changes, or requiring practical support from the ITIA, can make contact with us directly via our app, through direct message on social media, or by filling out the contact form at itia.tennis/contact

Useful links to 2024 rules, guidelines, and supporting documents:

The 2024 Tennis Anti-Corruption Program (TACP)

The 2024 Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (TADP)

A summary document outlining changes to the TACP and TADP 

WADA Prohibited List 2024 

A summary document outlining changes to the Prohibited List 

Published 29 December 2023 12:00

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