The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) has today confirmed that Polish tennis player Kamil Majchrzak has been suspended for 13 months after accepting a sanction under the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (TADP). 
Majchrzak, who reached a career-high ATP singles ranking of 75 in February 2022, was tested by the ITIA at the Sofia Open in September 2022, the Kinoshita Group Japan Open in October 2022, and the FILA Open Seoul Challenger, also in October 2022. Majchrzak was also tested by the Polish Anti-Doping Agency (POLADA) in November 2022. 
Analysis of the samples confirmed the presence of Prohibited Substance SARM S-22, metabolites of LGD-4033 and a PPARδ agonist - all non-Specified substances listed in the 2022 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Prohibited List. Adverse Analytical Findings (AAFs) for non-Specified Substances carry a mandatory provisional suspension, and Majchrzak was provisionally suspended on 30 November 2022.  
Given the similarity of the substances and the proximity of tests, the ITIA agreed to take over results management of the POLADA sample from November 2022. 
The player admitted the Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs), though stated that they did not knowingly ingest Prohibited Substances. Majchrzak submitted that the AAFs were the result of a contaminated supplement, providing evidence in the form of purchase receipts and samples of the supplement from the same batch for testing. Sachets of the supplement were sent for analysis by both the Player and the ITIA, confirming the presence of the same Prohibited Substances found in Majchrzak’s positive tests. 
The ITIA accepted that Majchrzak had not knowingly or intentionally ingested the Prohibited Substances, and further mitigating evidence includes the player’s consultation with a dietician about the supplement and its ingredients.  
However, Majchrzak acknowledged that they were not without fault, with tennis players aware of the risks of contaminated supplements following several high-profile cases in recent seasons, alongside ITIA education campaigns on the risks of supplement contamination. 
Majchrzak accepted the 13-month sanction. Time served under provisional suspension will be credited against the player’s period of ineligibility. Having been suspended since 30 November 2022, Majchrzak’s suspension will end on 29 December 2023. During this period, the player is prohibited from playing in or attending any tennis event authorised or sanctioned by the governing bodies of tennis. 
The ITIA is the delegated third party, under the World Anti-Doping Code, of the International Tennis Federation, the international governing body for the sport of tennis and signatory of the Code. The ITIA is responsible for the management and administration of anti-doping across professional tennis in accordance with the TADP. 

The full decision can be accessed by clicking here.

Published 29 June 2023 12:00

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