Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board and International Tennis Federation agree plans for removal of live data and major integrity investment in World Tennis Tour  


Major project will create a robust integrity infrastructure paving the way for removal of in-play scoring data at World Tennis Tour $15k events  

Removal of live data was a key recommendation of the Independent Review Panel Final Report  

The Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board and the International Tennis Federation (ITF) have agreed a major investment project to create a comprehensive integrity infrastructure for the ITF World Tennis Tour (WTT).  Crucially, the ITF will deliver new and improved anti-corruption protocols across the tour which will enable the progressive removal of live scoring data to be implemented at all WTT $15k events.

Discontinuance of live data at $15k events was one of the seven interlocking measures recommended by the Independent Review Panel’s Final Report for implementation by tennis’ governing bodies to enhance the protection of integrity across professional tennis.

The scale and reach of the project are unprecedented, with the WTT comprising more than 1,000 events played in over 500 locations in 80 nations throughout the year. 

The ITF plans represent an $8 million investment into a series of integrity-related projects covering key areas, such as:

introduction of accreditation and access control systems for WTT events

video recording

added security to deter unofficial data collection

appointment of on-site integrity protection personnel

enhanced channels for the reporting of integrity concerns by players and officials

Alongside this substantial investment in tournament infrastructure, the ITF is also prioritising the creation of more $25k events to provide a balanced calendar and to deter unofficial data collection at events for which live scoring data have been discontinued.

The supply of live scoring data for WTT $15k matches has already been progressively reduced since December 2018.

Under the timetable agreed between the Supervisory Board and the ITF, up to 3,500 fewer matches will have been made available to betting markets in 2019 compared to 2018. Further reductions will continue during 2020 and 2021, leading to complete discontinuance of live scoring data at WTT $15k events, when all integrity protection measures are in place.

This project will supplement other integrity-protection measures that are already being taken, including comprehensive monitoring of the betting market on ITF events, which is shared with the TIU, and ongoing stakeholder engagement with data suppliers and betting operators.

“Our commitment to protecting the integrity of the World Tennis Tour is paramount,” said ITF President David Haggerty. “The comprehensive package of measures we have agreed with both the ITF Board and the Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board go beyond the Independent Review Panel’s (IRP) recommendations for removing the supply of live scoring data at WTT $15k events. This is a programme that looks holistically at all aspects of integrity across the full World Tennis Tour calendar. We have also collaborated with the leading organisations representing the regulated betting industry to ensure the recommendations are implemented with support from all stakeholders.”

Haggerty added, “The scale of this project is unprecedented. We are confident that it will deliver real benefits for all participants and will contribute to the trend of reducing corruption risk seen in 2019.”

Jennie Price, the independent Chair of the Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board, said: “The IRP’s recommendation for removing official live scoring data at World Tennis Tour $15k events was an important measure and has been one of the Board’s earliest priorities.

“Detailed work on implementation of the recommendation has made it clear how important it will be to ensure that official data is not simply replaced by unofficial data. The enhanced security and accreditation processes planned by the ITF are essential to ensure that the playing environment is properly protected and the opportunities for unofficial data collection are minimised.

“The Supervisory Board supports this comprehensive set of measures to remove live data from the $15K tournaments and will continue to work closely with the ITF throughout the implementation process.”

The Tennis Integrity Supervisory Board consists of five independent members: Jennie Price CBE (Chair), Sir Philip Craven, Avril Martindale, Sal Perna AM and Bob Harayda, and senior representatives from the four International Governing Bodies of tennis; Mark Young, ATP, Steve Simon, WTA, David Haggerty, ITF and Philip Brook CBE, Grand Slam Board.  


Note: The Independent Review Panel’s Final Report can be viewed and downloaded here:

Published 17 December 2019 15:00

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