The International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA) today confirms that Russian tennis player Vladislav Ivanov has been suspended from the sport for a period of four years by an independent tribunal following a breach of the Tennis Anti-Doping Programme (TADP).

On 14 September 2022 at the M15 tournament in Morocco, Ivanov was notified to provide an in-competition urine sample and refused to do so, leaving the tournament venue. Although the player later returned to provide a sample, they were charged with an Anti-Doping Rule Violation under article 2.3 of the TADP for refusing to provide a sample when asked to do so.

Ivanov, who had a career-high world singles ranking of 835 in September 2022, requested a hearing before an independent tribunal convened by Sport Resolutions. The hearing was held remotely in November 2023. The Independent Tribunal determined that Mr. Ivanov’s conduct was intentional, within the meaning of TADP Article 10.2.3, and so imposed a period of ineligibility of four years. Results obtained at the Morocco event were also disqualified with forfeiture of ranking points and prize money. The panel noted that the player had received ITIA education about the anti-doping process and had provided a sample two weeks previously, therefore should have been aware of the rules.

The suspension will run from the date of the decision (21 December 2023) until midnight on 20 December 2027.

Karen Moorhouse, CEO of the ITIA, commented: “A player refusing to undertake a test is rare, but this sends a powerful message to any sportsperson about the devastating consequences if they do.

"We strongly urge players who are selected for testing to provide their sample at the earliest opportunity, listen carefully to instructions given to them by the Doping Control Officer and be chaperoned from the moment of notification through to sample collection. We understand that the testing process can be inconvenient, but it is vital in the fight for a clean sport.”

In accordance with TADP Article 10.14, during the period of ineligibility, the player is prohibited from playing in, coaching at, or attending any tennis event authorised or sanctioned by the members of the ITIA (ATP, ITF, WTA, Tennis Australia, French Tennis Federation, Wimbledon and USTA) or any national association.

The ITIA is an independent body established by its tennis members to promote, encourage, enhance, and safeguard the integrity of professional tennis worldwide. 


Published 05 January 2024 16:00

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